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The First Step

In order for you to experience the truth of the fivefold nature of your being you must make a sustained effort over a period of time. You must start to observe both the inner as well as the outer reality of your being. There is a simple technique you can use to facilitate this process. It is called the 'Watch Exercise'.

The Watch Exercise

Find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably and will not be interrupted for 10 minutes.

Take a watch or a clock with a second hand and look at it. Try not to do anything except watch the second hand as it passes around its dial. Aim to achieve an intense awareness of the tip of the tiny strip of metal as it moves.

You will notice that your attention will be distracted from your task by noises and other sensations from your body and also perhaps by thoughts and feelings. At each distraction remember your aim and return your attention to the tip of the second hand, but also remember what it was that distracted you. After 5 minutes stop and take stock of the observations you have made.

Repeat the exercise at the same time and if possible in the same place every day for the next 14 days. Slowly extend the period of your watching as the days go by. Perhaps to 10 minutes after a week, to 15 minutes after two weeks.

Start a Wholist Diary

It is very useful for you to start a diary to detail your progress in discovering yourself. It will show you how your beliefs about yourself and the Universe change as you involve yourself more deeply with Wholism.

In your diary make brief notes of what you observe in your daily 'Watch Exercise'. e.g. Day 1. - Trouble concentrating, kept thinking how stupid this exercise is, my foot was itching......etc. Also make a few notes about your concept of God and how that changes as you progress. i.e. - God is Love, God is pure Spirit, God does not exist .....etc.

The Lifestyle Ways

Love yourself
Love your neighbour
Love God
Have fun

Love - To treat with care and respect.
Yourself - Your cious, spirit, soul, mind and body.
Your neighbour - All the humans, animals, insects and plants on our planet GAIA.
God - The Whole.
Fun - If you need fun defined then you're not having any. Do something about it

Some Useful Lifestyle Tips

Live frugally. Be close to nature whenever possible. Explore, test, then accept your limitations. Try to be peaceful. Eat less. Exercise more.


The symbol of the Whole is the circle. The symbol of Wholism is the circle unfolded into five concentric circles with a picture of GAIA at the centre. The circles represent the five Universes of Creation and the Wholarchy of wholons within wholons. The top half of the symbol is light and the bottom half is dark. The division represents manifestation and non manifestation.

In order to identify themselves Wholists wear, around their neck or pinned to their chest, the picture of our planet GAIA with the word HOME written below it as is shown at the top of this page.

You may download the Earth image, as it is in the public domain, print it out and use it to make your very own Wholist necklet or badge.

Make it as big as you dare in order to attract lots of attention. The badge should be round and black so that GAIA and the word HOME is highlighted against the black background of space, just as it is in this web page.

You might also like to make some cards to hand out to people who ask what your badge or necklet is all about. The cards should simply read

Our Spiritual Future

Your Wholist Name

When embarking on a new spiritual path it is usual to make a symbolic break with your past life and past beliefs.

When you decide to become a Wholist, you may if you choose to, make this symbolic break in three ways. - By discovering and using your Wholist name; by wearing the HOME necklet or badge; and by adopting the Wholist dress style.

Alternatively if you choose you may simply use and practise Wholism without doing any of the above. You are still a part of GAIA and a part of the Whole.

The Dress Style

Throughout the ages individuals deeply involved with a spiritual path have dressed in a special way. This is so for several reasons.

The dress identifies the individual concerned as being somehow different from all those around them. It also helps remind the individual that they are a member of the group. If they also wear a symbol of some kind, it leads to other people asking questions, this presents the opportunity for spreading knowledge of the path.

In Europe, nuns of the Christian tradition dress in grey or black robes. In Asia, Buddhist monks dress in orange. In India, Hindu holy men either go naked or wear an orange loincloth.

The dress style of Wholism suggests the wearing of the HOME necklet or badge and also the wearing of clothes of a single colour.

In today's society most people wear clothes containing a variety of colours. An individual dressed in only a single colour stands out in the crowd and attracts attention. They look somehow whole and integrated, especially if the colour suits them.

The colour worn can vary from individual to individual. The colour can also vary from day to day. Pick the one that best suits you.

Wouldn't it be nice if some day you went out on the street of your local town and saw someone dressed from head to foot in emerald green, or sky blue, or whatever, and wearing a huge badge or necklet with a picture of the Earth on it saying HOME.

Wouldn't it be even nicer if you began to see people dressed like that everywhere, every day?

Imagine the day when the President of the USA in his power suit of uniform navy blue or grey appears on the TV wearing his huge HOME badge!

Inner Work

You occupy the middle ground between an infinite inner and an infinite outer universe. You are but a tiny contributing part of the outer universe which is to you 'God the Whole'. You are, however, 'god the whole' to your inner universe. You are the pinnacle of the wholarchy which forms your being.

Your Inner Work involves you in becoming aware of the existence and needs of the wholons which contribute to your being. These are the organs in your body. They are communicating their needs to you all the time if you only listen.

Modern medicine has demonstrated that all your organs, heart, liver, kidneys etc. are indeed wholons; ie that they are quasi-independant wholes. It has proven that as long as they are provided with the correct living environment they can continue with their lives even though you, as an independant being have already died. Witness the wonders of transplant surgery. Your organs can continue to live in someone else's body!!

The first step to achieving inner awareness is to practice the First Step Meditation. Once you are conscious of the five elements of your being it will be possible for you to investigate and resolve any problems your inner wholons are having with their existence. These problems effect the quality of your life in the areas of your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Outer Work

As described above in the section Inner Work, you stand between an infinite inner and an infinite outer universe. Your inner work involves your inner self. Your outer work involves your dealings with all the other wholons which exist at the human level of the Wholarchy as well as with your dealings with the being or God which is our level's pinnacle.

The other wholons on the human level of the Wholarchy are all the people, animals, insects and plants which you see in the world all around you. The God of this level is GAIA our planet the Earth.

As with your inner work, your outer work requires that you become more aware of the elements of your own being in order that you can perceive how you impact everything else around you .

Your outer work involves the practise of the Watch Exercise and other developmental exercises, as well as the spreading of the ideas and ideals of Wholism.

Other activities might include environmental activism of some kind since humanity's treatment of GAIA, our only home, is currently the most pressing problem in global society.


The Watch Exercise is the most important meditation within the Wholist movement. Do it at least once every day, and try to stay in the Watching state of consciousness at all times.

For those who would like to try additional techniques click below on Meditations.




A Special Sacred Place

We live our lives and have our being within the greater life and being of GAIA. Because of this everywhere is a special sacred place. This truth is easy to realise if we live in the country and can gaze at the trees, the mountains and the sky. Sometimes, however, especially if we live in a big city and live our lives surrounded by the works of mankind, we can forget that we are a small part of a much greater living whole.

Make a special place where you can go to remember GAIA when the hustle and bustle and pressures of your daily life knock you off balance and you lose realisation of that greater being of which you are just a tiny part.

Your special place can be in your imagination, if that is what suits you, or it can be a small corner of a room. Suspend a picture of our Home, our planet GAIA, in your special place. Maybe grow a plant or place fresh flowers, in front of it each day. Go to this special place to do your Watch Exercise, or go to it and just gaze at GAIA whenever you feel the need.

The ability to see GAIA in her totality is a very new phenomena. For the entire history of humanity, up until a few decades ago, such a view of our wonderful Home simply was not possible. The realisation of our 'partness' that the view engenders within sensitive people is so new that only very few of the more conscious of GAIA's children have comprehended its mind altering implications.


Most spiritual paths utilise ceremonies similar to those of other faiths and Wholism is no exception.

The most important ceremony in Wholism is the Sacred Meal. This ceremony is a simple recognition that the food and drink of which your meal is composed is the Physical Body of God. Not in some strange archane mystical sense, but in reality.

To undertake the ceremony present your food to the Whole, with thanks, in front of a large picture of GAIA.

When you begin to eat, be sure you recognise with your full consciousness just what it is you are partaking of.

The ceremony should be carried out before every meal, or at the very least on one occasion each week.

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