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THE Meditations described below are aimed at opening your consciousness to the wider creation that lies all about you. You will become more in tune with the natural rhythms of existence and with your own inner essence if you practice one or more of these simple exercises every day for a week or two.


MANY of us do not realise that artificial light is one of the most significant means that Industrial Society has developed to ensure that we are out of tune with nature. It is now possible for us to determine by the flick of a switch when our internal sun rises and when it sets. We have become so used to the changes that this unnatural practice engenders within us that we are no longer aware of its effect. Meditating at dawn will start the process of resetting your internal clock.

Welcome the Rising Sun

TO WELCOME the rising sun you must awaken before it is due to rise. You should stand and face the direction from which it will appear and wait and watch expectantly. Just wait in the manner that you might wait for a loved one to appear. As the sun comes onto the horizon, imagine that it is an inner point of light which, starting just near your naval, is rising, growing, and spreading throughout you. Look at it softly, but don't stare, for perhaps ten minutes and then close your eyes. You will see the light dazzling inside. Try to be that pure light for a few more minutes and then go about the tasks of the day. You will feel enormously energised and completely in tune with your inner being and thus with everything around you.

Praising the Sunrise

GET UP very early before the sun is due to appear, go into the open and face the direction from which it will rise. Now either stand or sit comfortably and begin to hum and sway. You don't have to hum a tune, although you can if you wish. Do, however, ensure that the vibrations of the humming arise from your heart. Let your swaying and humming become a joyful welcoming and praising of the golden glory of our Father the Sun. Do this until the orb is fully above the horizon and for as long afterwards as you choose. You will find yourself totally attuned to the hum of creation and the remainder of the day will be very special.

Be aware that worshipers in all ancient religions used to pray early in the morning as the sun rose. This is because the rising of the sun brings the rising of all the energies that have been sleeping during the night. During these precious moments you can ride the rising energy wave and use it to expand and deepen your spiritual strength.

Meditate on Light

MEDITATION on light is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices. Throughout the ages, in all countries and in all religions, it has been emphasised for a particular reason. The moment you begin to meditate on light you will discover that something inside you which has perhaps remained a bud begins to open its petals. The very meditation on light creates a space for its opening and provides food for its growth.

So whenever you have time, close your eyes and visualise light. Whenever you see light be in tune with it. Don't go on ignoring it, be worshipful towards it, it is akin to your inner spirit. The light may be a sunrise, it maybe a candle in a room, be prayerful towards it and you will gain much.

If you can do any of these meditations regularly for three months you will experience a tremendous growth in your inner spiritual strength and your sense of self, this is because you are consciously attuning yourself to and incorporating within your being the great creative Spirit of our Solar System.


Music and Dance

OFTEN your entire day can be influenced by the mood you happen to be in when you wake up. With a little effort by simply acting the way you would like to feel, you can change your mood to whatever you wish it to be. Alternatively, you can simply explore in greater depth the state in which you currently find yourself. Why not celebrate the new day when you wake to it? Play music and dance for 10 minutes. If you are angry, dance your anger. If you are sad, dance your sadness. If you are joyful, dance your joy. Become the dance, melt into it. Let the dancer disappear and only the dance remain. Offer your dance to the Whole as an act of worship.

Joy Generation

THE OLD face of God is sad and stern, creating boredom in some and fear in others. For the human race to survive we need a new God, a happy dancing, laughing, loving God. To celebrate our new God we will dance in an ecstatic mood. If you don`t feel that way immediately, act as if you do, and your mood will change. Put your whole life energy into a flowing, laughing, singing celebration of life.

Joy Generation has three stages, each lasting twenty minutes.

First Stage

With your eyes closed, dance, sing, and clap your hands. Become totally involved.

Second Stage.

Lie down and be silent and still.

Third Stage.

Dance and sing again, let yourself be in total abandonment. Lose yourself.


ON a day when there is a breeze, just sit under a tree and feel the wind's breath. Listen as the leaves of the tree rustle. The breeze will touch you, move around you and pass you by. But don't allow it to just pass you by. Instead close your eyes and feel that you, like the tree, are - open - and that the breeze is blowing through you, not around you, but through you.

Practise this exercise for fifteen minutes at a time. It will help you to quiet your mind and disappear into being.

Hug Mother Earth

IF YOU ever feel so lost and all alone that it is unbearable, remember that your Mother the Earth is always there to lend you comfort.

Find a patch of ground and lie face down on it. It must be earth, not concrete or any other man made substance. Spread your arms and hug the ground. Feel yourself sinking into the soft body of the planet. Feel her embracing you, absorbing you into herself And as she absorbs you, she will comfort you and drain away all your sorrow and despair.


Gaze at the Sky

EACH of us stands on the threshold of an infinite inner and an infinite outer sky. Our individual ego identity is all that separates the two. Without the ego the two skies merge into the one that they truly are. Prayer is the contemplation of the outer sky, meditation is the contemplation of the inner. If you dissolve into either, then you disappear into reality.

Try just lying on your back somewhere in the open air, and with your eyes sometimes open and sometimes closed, simply gaze.

Earth Talk

EARTH TALK is energy talk. Try this experiment the next time you are out in the countryside and can be naked. Just start jumping and jogging. Feel your energy flowing through your legs and feet and into the Earth. After five minutes or so, just stand silently rooted. Very soon you will notice a dialogue arises between you and the Planet. Be sensitive, Mother Earth does not use words; nevertheless, if you listen with your whole being you will understand what you are being told.

Befriend a Tree

CHOOSE a tree, then go to and talk to it. Touch the tree, embrace it and feel it. Just sit by the side of the tree and be at peace with it. Let the tree feel you are a good person and will not harm it. After a while a friendship will arise and you will begin to feel that whenever you approach it the quality of the tree changes. You will feel tremendous energy moving whenever you come near. When you touch the tree it will be as happy as a child, as a beloved. When you sit by the tree you will discover it empathises with your moods, it will soothe your sadness and share in your joy. Now you can begin to understand that you are interdependent. You can make the tree happy and the tree can make you happy. The whole of life is interdependent. This interdependence can be called God.

Lovemaking in the Open Air

THE NEXT time you are with your lover, on a sunlit day somewhere in the country, where you can be private. Make love. Lie naked side by side and gaze softly into each others eyes. Match your breathing. Be truly sensitive to each other. Feel the sun, and perhaps the breeze on your bodies. Note the rustling of the grass and of the leaves on the trees. Perhaps you can hear the sound of the sea nearby. You are lying not just in the arms of your lover, but also resting in the bosom of Mother Earth. Offer her your love making as an act of worship.


Watching the Setting Sun

SIMPLY sit and gaze gently at the sunset. Adopt an attitude of wonder. Be open to the mystery of your own existence. Ask yourself, just who is it who is doing the gazing?


ALL IS ONE. Many religions and philosophies have told us this. However, the statement does`t usually mean much to us except as an abstract idea. Few have been fortunate enough to ever directly experience the Oneness, even for a brief moment. Try the following exercise. Do it on a regular basis, and who knows you might eventually become one of the few.

Settle yourself comfortably in a chair and relax your breathing. As you breathe out say 'One', breathe in and say nothing. As you say 'One', try also to feel that the whole of existence is one. Saying 'One' will help. Do this for twenty minutes every day.

Dance as Worship

DANCE as if you are deeply in love with the universe, as if you are dancing with your lover. Let existence be your lover. When your movement becomes abandoned and ecstatic, then it is dance. Lose yourself. Reach a point where you are not, and yet things still go on.........dance as if you are possessed. So, for at least an hour every day, if you choose this method of worship, forget all technique and simply dance as a small child. Take steps and make movements you have never made before, move in dimensions unknown to you. Then as you become more in tune with the unknown, all technique will disappear and your dance will become perfect; perfectly you.

Song as Worship

WHEN your song becomes your totality, then that is worship. The song you are singing is irrelevant, however, if you can sing it totally with all your heart it is sacred. But don`t repeat anyone else`s song, for that is not your heart, and that is not the way you can pour out your heart in praise of the Divine. Let your own song arise. Forget about form, the construction of the song does not matter, what is important is the quality you bring to the singing, the totality, the intensity, the love. So anytime, anywhere, just begin your song. Begin by humming from the heart and see what develops. Let your song become a prayer to and a worship of all the beauty of which you are such a tiny part. You could perhaps sing to the glory of the setting sun.



THERE is nobody to reward you for your prayers. You are praying to an empty sky. If you really know what prayer is you will know that prayer is its own reward. Remember, there is nobody there to reward you; the reward is not in the future, not in some strange afterlife, but in the activity itself. Prayer is being open to the Whole. Prayer is being receptive. Prayer is praising. If you want to talk whilst praying then talk, but remember your talk is not going to effect existence. It may effect you and that may be good, but you are not going to change the ways of creation. No hills or mountains are going to move for you.


IT DOESN'T matter what you surrender to, it is the act of surrender itself which is important. So surrender to a stone, to a tree, to the sky, to the Earth, to a star, or to the Whole. It doesn't matter. The act of surrender simply says, "I don't know". Once this is realised deeply inside, then a space is opened to allow the whole of creation to enter in. And as creation pours into you, you will experience such a feeling of belonging that you never knew was possible. You are home again.


HUMMING is a great inner music, it will bring peace to your whole being. Try it. At least once a day. Twice is better. Simply hum. It shouldn't be a loud hum. It doesn't have to be a tune. Try it every day for two or three months. Just ten minutes every day. If you do this, you will discover very quickly that a subtle music, which you can hear, arises in your body. An inner harmony. Within two or three months everything inside you will begin to function harmoniously, like a perfectly tuned engine. When you achieve this inner harmony and you will, you will find there is an added bonus. You will also be in tune with the rest of creation.


JUST stand on the Earth without shoes and feel her coolness, her softness, her warmth. Simply feel whatever the Earth is ready to give to you at that moment, and let that flow into you. Also allow your energy to flow into the planet. Be connected.

This Meditations Page is accessed from Lifestyle

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